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San Diego Maternity Photographer

I’m Erin: a wife, a mother, a daughter of Christ, a baker, and your photographer.

Love guides me through life (especially when I’m behind the camera.) I warm to tender moments of surprise engagements, tear-filled vows, a swelling belly, and growing families. With a click, I record these acts of intimacy for life’s infinite love story.

My own love story began in 2014. That’s when love brought me to Michael. We lived on different coasts (him on the West and me on the East) separated by plains, rivers, and forests. But, a ring and the union of God brought us to our home in San Diego, California where we were to start a family together.

Motherhood is the greatest gift. I find joy in pinning fresh cloth diapers, listening for low coos and gurgles, and seeing my son smile at me first thing in the morning. These little wonders won’t last long, but I adore them while they’re here.

Motherhood is a journey that starts the day you and your spouse learn you are pregnant and continues for the rest of your life. Maternity is filled with all kinds of emotions and milestones from sonogram appointments, to discovering the gender, to painting the nursery and eventually the biggest event: birth. This expectant time is special and begs to be documented and enjoyed to the fullest.

The day your husband rests his hand on your pregnant belly and says, “Look what we’ve created” is just as important now as it is when your child flips through baby albums asking, “Is that me?”

I slow time down as a photographer. I breathe in details and bring out loving moments between newlyweds and new parents. In front of my camera, brides shine as they glide down the aisle into the arms of their groom and new mothers glow in flower fields and meadows as they embody the beauty of femininity. Let’s celebrate your love story (at any chapter) together!

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