Nicole's Family

 I am so excited to share this wonderful families pictures.  I met this pretty mom and her little girl at the local farmers market and I just had to photograph this family!  When I first saw Nicole's daughter Charlotte, I felt so much joy.  It's amazing how one little girl can do that!

Allie Family | Sandiego CA

While I was in California I was able to get this families first family photos since before their son was born!  These were taken at right before the evening church service and let me just say San Diego's light is awesome and I can't get enough of it...the church was the perfect place for a mini family photo shoot with the great natural reflectors of the sand/dirt (not much grass in Southern California) and the beautifully colored buildings.

Kelsie's Portraits

Kelsie and I had quite an adventure getting to this beautiful river and its surrounding sites at Patapsco State Park.  It had just rained the most I have ever experienced but thankfully it quickly went by so we could take some pictures.  We got to the park at almost closing time.  In order to get down to where we wanted to take pictures, we had to do a bit of hiking down a path.  Thankfully Kelsie is a pro at this being she is a Marine in training, she brought her hiking boots (while wearing a dress) and led the way down the path.  Kelsie's unique and fun wardrobe choices made for great photos.

Gentri Lee - Fashion Blogger

I met Gentri at our local Farmers Market/Art Show last month when I was advertising my photo business.  She introduced herself and let me know about her fashion blog!  From there we conversed about getting together for pictures for her blog and of course I agreed!  This girl has such a fun style, getting to wear some of the cutest dresses, skirts, and other outfits from such great clothing boutiques.  This particular dress is from Shabby Apple, they have the cutest clothes!!  Gentri chose this old, but cute abandoned house to show off her gold and polka dot dress.  For more of her fashion blog, follow her here: Gentri Lee Blog

Myrtle Beach Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tate

I had such an awesome opportunity traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC to photograph Taylor and Daniels wedding.  Taylor, from Pennsylvania and Danielle is from North Carolina met at Liberty University where they became friends, fell in love, got engaged, and then planned their beautiful beach wedding.  Of course that's not the end.  The newlyweds are enjoying the married life this summer until they both go back to finish their degrees at LU in the Fall.  One of the things I loved about Taylor and Daniels wedding is that Daniels dad, who is also a pastor, performed the wedding and the two had a God honoring wedding, which was just the beginning of their God centered marriage.