Arya [2014]

Meet baby Arya!  She made her entrance into the world a little earlier than expected so I got to work with a little 5 pound baby!  She was so tiny but don't let her size fool you, she had a lot of strength!  I loved working with this lovely little girl!

Kumiko's Photo shoot!

Kumiko was such a joy to be able to photograph.  She is just so cute,especially when she would cuddle with her little lamb  We began her shoot by taking pictures of her cute little Christmas outfits since the holidays are rolling in again (yay!). Not only did we get some fun holiday photos, but we were right on the water and able to capture some fun pictures along the bay (which went along with her little sailboat dress :)  Babies are definitely some of my favorite sessions and I'm so happy I got to meet this family (who were very helpful by the way).

Purcell Family

Meet the Purcell's.  These are there first family pictures with their little guy, Jake. This isn't the first time I met with this family for pictures, I did baby Jake's newborn pictures too!  Not much has changed with the little guy except for being a lot bigger, but he's definitely just as cute and still has awesome blonde, beach hair!  

Welcome Baby Hudson!

I met Hudson's mom at the local farmers market/art fair when I was advertising my photography at my table I had set up!  At the time she was still expecting her little boy and once she finally had him she remembered my card and gave me a call! I was more than excited to be able to capture sweet moments of her newborn baby.  Each newborn is different and comes with new experiences and this little guy sure taught me a lot!  He was really interested in what his mommy and new lady were doing to him so he chose to stay awake to see the fun too!  Finally he was so tired out he slept like a baby! (no pun intended ;)  Thankfully we were able to try out a new pose while he was sound a sleep.